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What to look for in a Trampoline? Help, Please.

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Okay guys,

I need your help on trampolines. What do I look for in buying one? I will want one with the safety net, but what else do I look for? What safety features are a must?

Plus, does anyone know of a good price range or good deals on one right now? I would want it to last more than one year.

Thank you for any help you can give me....I will appreciate it!

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I did a lot of research on the same subject a while ago and settled on a 14-foot trampoline from jumpsport.com. Their website is very informative, their warranties are great and their customer service is terrific (and human).


I had an issue I posted about recently where the trampoline frame began to rust and crack after only 17 months. When I called jumpsport, they asked me to send pics. I sent them that day, and by the next day I had an email telling me they were sending a brand new trampoline (we just put it up yesterday). They said they have fixed the problem with rusting frames by using galvanized metal now... so we'll see.


The only part that bothered me was that I had to pay shipping, which their warranty policy states. It was $100 out of my pocket, but they also included a new ($124 value) jumping surface in the box, which was a nice gesture.


Whether you buy from them or not, jumpsport is a great site to get an education on trampolines, safety issues, faq, etc.


Good luck! :trampolin

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Sam's Club has a 15ft one. I forget the exact price, but it was reasonable. That is where we bought our trampoline from 8 years ago. We just replaced it last year. It was a jumpking brand. We bought the same one last year.
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