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Is Mervyns still around? Gift card available

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I'm not sure what the latest is on Mervyns stores, but if they are still around and someone happens to have a store in their area, I have something for you. I have one Mervyns gift card that I purchased sometime in 2005 (I think) before all the Mervyns stores in Washington State closed. I've just been hanging on to it all these years; don't know why though. Now, I'll feel really stupid if all stores have closed... but here goes... I'm offering this $40 gift certficate absoultely free to the first person to express their interest, has a local Mervyns store, and promises to put it to good use.
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I don't know about Washington but in Colorado there is a fund set up with the state government. If the GC is more than $25 and its over 3yrs old (I think) you can get your money back from them. I will have to look up the link for CO but you may want to check Washingtons site and see if they have anything similar.


Found the story...http://www.9news.com/rss/article.aspx?storyid=82605

Its 5 years old not 3.

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