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Sports Authority 25% off F&F (6/23-6/26)


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I picked up a Columbia tent, ~$200 retail, $140/170 on the net, they had it marked down to $169 and offered an additional $30 off and I threw my coupon on top of it, ~$112 including tax out the door :2cloud9:


Daughter & I went on a canoe trip this week, really enjoyed it, want to do an overnight trip next... picked up sleeping bags earlier this week, already have the cookstoves lanterns etc...

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Sports Authority is all over the Eastern 1/2 of the US too, but for some reason not in certain States, i.e. Kentucky.


Here's the store locator page:




I didn't try to run the same search on all of their affiliated stores that operate under a bunch of different banner names. Maybe one of them is in Kentucky?

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