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Base for Baby Trends carseat

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they do.


some families have multiple cars, where multiple bases comes in handy. It's just to make sure the base can handle the carrier that you have.

have you checked babiesrus.com, babyuniverse.com? I know my local babies r us has the base only..

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I've looked at Amazon.com, which is pretty much the same as babiesrus. We bought the carseat at babiesrus and it was on clearance, which tells me they aren't getting any more in...


I'll try to contact the manufacturer, see what they say.

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Here is the reply I got from baby trend


> Our Flexloc bases can be found at Babies R Us and they are compatible

> with the Latchloc system...the store # is SKN558144 to facilitate

> finding it more easily.


babiesrus.com has nothing... and the "local babiesrus" is over an hour drive away!

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