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Apple Store Refurb Nano 8 gig $99 and 16 gig $149

Crazy Mama

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I have searched and didn't see this listed -- Ipod Nano Refurb Sale at apple store.




They have the 8 Gig on sale for $99

purple, blue, silver, black, orange, pink, green, and yellow.


16Gig Refurb for $149

black, blue, purple, orange, green, silver, yellow, and pink


IF the link above takes you to the main store then scroll to the bottom of the page and look in the "special deals" box. There is a blurb about Nano now, so click that or just click on Refurbished iPod



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My daughter recently bought a blue Nano (8 GB), it looks brand new, she is thrilled with it.

Well, my daughter had a blue nano....on July 4th, one of the friends stole it. We know who it was and actually saw the nano. I checked the serial number and its the same, I called Apple and they said the serial numbers are unique to each product so we will have to talk with his dad. BTW, he destroyed it trying to make it look like something he found. It was only several months old and he scratched it all up, tried to paint/cover it, it had black stuff all over it. I am heartbroken, this is a boy we have had into our homes since he was like 4 or 5 yrs old...he is 13 Also, its very hard to go to a parent and say something has been stolen. The only thing quirky is the model # on the unit is different then on the box but I am thinking in the refurb, they didn't change the model in the nano's software.

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