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Illuminations.com going out of business. 50% off.


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This is what is says on their site...look like Yankee Candle bought them.

"We're sorry but this category is no longer available for sale. Please visit your local Illuminations store for available selection or visit www.yankeecandle.com for other great items."

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Yankee Candle Closing 28 Illuminations Stores, 1 Yankee Candle Store


Yankee Candle has announced restructuring plans that will include closing the company's 28 Illuminations retail stores and the discontinuance of the related Illuminations consumer direct business. It sounds like they will also be closing the Illuminations website. They will also be closing 1 underperforming Yankee Candle retail store. The stores will close by April 30, 2009. They will also be laying off 330 employees.


"Decisions like these which affect our employees are very difficult ones," said Craig Rydin, Chairman and CEO of Yankee Candle. "But given this unprecedented macro-economic environment, particularly in the retail sector, we believe that this restructuring plan is necessary and appropriate as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our cost structure, focus our resources primarily on our core Yankee Candle business, optimize our return on invested capital and increase our overall operating efficiency. The limited reductions in our corporate workforce are likewise designed to further streamline our organization and right-size our G&A and overhead structure in this difficult and challenging environment. It is important to note that the Illuminations brand remains an important strategic asset and component of our product portfolio, and that we plan to continue to develop and market Illuminations branded products primarily through our core Wholesale business. In addition, this action has no impact on our plans for Yankee Candle retail store growth, and we currently expect to continue to open new Yankee Candle retail stores at a pace similar to that of recent years."

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I was able to add some candles and apply the code. But I have a gift card and it won't let me use that. So I called and they said I could use the gift card to place the order by phone but they don't have any valid coupon codes right now so she can take my order and use the gift card but can't use the coupon code. Bummer!!!!! I guess I'll have to go in store and use my gift card before they close. I wouldn't mind paying the shipping with the coupon code. But seems like a lot to pay without the code. Yes...I'm CHEAP!!! I know these are a good price. But I really do NOT need candles. I just like them. :D


Thanks for posting. I would have forgotten about my card.

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