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SO CUTE and BIG! Plush Pal Leo the Lion $10 $15 shipped!


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I ordered this for our necie for her 2nd birthday. It is onsale for $10 and it was $5 shipping for me.




( won't let me post pics)


they also have the horse for $15!



This adorable Leo the Lion Plush Pal is much more than an ordinary stuffed animal. Super soft, cute and cuddly, Leo the Lion Plush Pal is actually as big as a kid. Designed with a steel frame for sturdiness, the Plush Pal can be used as a "sit-on" toy or as a bench (supporting up to 140 pounds) to add personality to your child's room.




Makes a fun "sit-on" or "ride-on" toy or charming room decor

Toddlers can pretend to ride on the toy

Can be used as a bench for bigger kids

Super soft and cuddly

Looks like a big stuffed animal

Designed with a steel frame for sturdiness

Supports up to 140 pounds

Adult supervision is required when used as a "sit-on" toy

Dimensions: Approximately 2' x 2' x 12"



Both shipped $36. I got one of each for my twins ( one gets lion one gets horse) and I am putting it back for Christmas.

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