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Walmart.com Ornament w/ 1.8" Digital Photo Viewer(x-mas &sprots)$6.00 or 4 for $14.88


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Ornament and Lights 4" x 6" Collage Frame w/ 1.8" Digital Photo Viewer





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Hey - I'm glad you posted this, because I looked at it a little closer and it says your choice of 4 for $14.88. So that's actually a better deal. I should have read that a little closer! THey come to 3.72 a piece!


Thanks! Those will make great teacher gifts next year!

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I got the santa one after xmas sales at my local Walmart. Mine also came with an extra just plain black frame so you can use it year round. Very small picture but cute & price was/is great. I paid $6 for mine in the store right be4 new years. Going in for 4 more to give as gifts next yr.
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I would love to know someone that has these... to see if they like them

I bought 8 of them and am VERY pleased with them. They each come in a box, perfect for giftgiving.


I've honestly thought about buying more I like them so much and they are such a great deal.


Now I say this, but I haven't attempted to put any pictures on them. I'm just planning on gifting them to teachers so I'm not sure what a pain in the butt they might be to load. But they definitely look nice. :yup:

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