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A Few Toy Deals at Kohls


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I was in Kohls yesterday and found a few good deals on things I thought I'd share.


Leapster $23.99

Leapster 2 $31.99

VTech Nitro Jr Notebook $15.99

LeapFrog Explorer Smart Globe $39.99


All of these things were 60% off.

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Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I hurried over to Kohl's. I found (and bought) 1 Leapster and 2 Leapster2s (one pink, one green.) They weren't even stickered "Clearance." I actually only needed 2, but went ahead and bought an extra!


While I was frantically looking for Leapsters, another lady came walking through. She stopped for a second and looked and then said, "Kohl's doesn't carry any good toys. Let's go." I chuckled to myself and thought "Good. Now she won't take MY leapsters." :rolleyes:

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I went over to Kohls and found the leapster and the leapster 2. I also found several other toys on clearance. Thanks so much for posting this. I never would have thought to look there. Also earned some Kohl's cash. I have not been watching the sales to much and did not even know it was time for kohls cash right now.
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Just bought a Vtech Alphabet Train for 12-36 mos at Kohls. Was 49.99 marked down to 24.99 and then used my additional 30% off coupon! This is a great price.


Also saw a Barbie with Horse,stable, and accessories for same price ... too bad I didn't have use for it.


They had some big trucks for toddlers on clearance too.

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I purchased Tiger® Lazer Tag® Multiplayer Battle System

reg: 79.99 Clearance $31.99 - (25%) = 23.99 - 4.80 (20% off coupon) = $19.19




I know that math isn't right (25% off) but the sticker price was $31.99 the register scanned $23.99 so there may have been an additional mark down. Or they may have entered the additional wrong in the computer.




I also got Hannah Montana Iconnect alarm clock.




for 11.99 - 25% = 8.99 - 1.80 (additional 20% off with coupon) = 7.19


I also got an electric guitar for my 8 year old son.






$53.99 - 25% = $40.49 - 20% = $32.39

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