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Tuesday Morning


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Just FYI I went to Tuesday Morning today and found lots of great deals.


Lots of exercise equipemt..reebok, addidas really cheap, pedometers, weights, scales,toning cords etc etc


Linens low low prices


A Dyson purple Animal vacuum for $299. plus they had all different types there..Hoover, Royal and Dirt Devil for less than $80.


They had a huge array of clearance in every department.


I never think to go there but wow it is worth the trip.


They also had a huge line of Fuller Brush products. I got the thirsty camel Mop and it came it

with replacement mop head and chamois for $5.99 :shock:

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Just FYI I just got an email they have the Dyson Animal Purple one for $298 (1/2 half off)

they have this really nice granite topped kitchen island for $99


just click on their website for more info


That concludes todays PSA :fluffy:

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