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Rick's College t-shirt

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I want the "Rick's College" t-shirt from Napoleon Dynamite. I've found it on three different sites:






The last one looks like the official BYU bookstore (and maybe more reputable?), but the closeup of the shirt has a logo or something on the left sleeve - and I can't tell if the shirt from the movie had that or not. I want to find one as authentic as possible. The closeups from the other two stores don't look like they have that sleeve logo.


Any ideas? Does anyone know if fusion88.com or wackyplanet.com are reputable? Thanks!

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I emailed the BYU bookstore:

"The sleeve logo is not authentic from the movie. It says captain retro, the name of the company that reproduced the shirt. Thanks for your interest.

Hal Anderson

BYU Bookstore"


I think I might check out those first two, see if I can find anything out about them.

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