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I want to order a nice linen journal, and I want to get a picture printed on the front of it. Does anyone know where I can get something like this made?


I am planning a 50th birthday party for my mom. I want to have a ournal made with her baby picture on the front. I want to set it out at the party for everyone to write something in. TIA

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I don't know where to find a journal you can put a photo on the front of but another option is to purchase a nice photo/scrapbook album. Many of these have a place on the front for a photo. Or you could place the photo in a protective cover page, make it the first page of the book and use a nice paper stock for the following pages to be written on. This can be purchased with writing lines already printed on it.


I did this for my niece's bridal shower. It was easier to handle than a journal, gave me the option of how many pages to add and in the back of the book I added some decorative pocket folders for her to keep her cards and shower keepsakes in.


For my Mom's 70th bday I made a picture collage using photos from her childhood until the year of her bday. She enjoyed seeing the photos that she hadn't seen for years and all of her friends enjoyed seeing another side of her. I used a collage photo frame from WalMart, added the photos and in the blank spots on the front of the mat I added emblishments related to my Mom like a dragonfly, small flowers, the words mom, grandma, wife, etc.


Have fun, I'm sure she will enjoy all you do to make her day memoriable.

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Check the office stores by you (office depot, office max) and see if they do it, you can have notepads made there with a picture on them so they might. Or check the online photo companies (shutterfly, snapfish...), if they don't do it you can get a photo album made and put her picture on the cover and leave the inside pages all blank and everyone can write on them.
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