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Hig quality Blazer or Sportcoat $120 or less

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Hi all,


I've been all over the internet looking for a really nice high quality blazer/sport coat for my hubby for Valentines day. I just missed the 50% already reduced clearance at guess.com. So if anyone sees a great sale at one of the major high end department stores, or a place like Mark Shales, Banana Republic, Guess....etc please let me know.


I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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I love this store. They are VERY pricey. But have GREAT sales. Somebody from GD got me hooked on this store by posting a shirt last year. And they just opened a store right by my house.


This link is to their Clearance Sport coats. But watch for their sales too. They'll have buy 1 get two free. They have sales all the time. And the quality is very good. My son (17) loves this store too. I'm waiting for the suit he wants to go on sale for his graduation. I bought him a $650.00 leather jacket for Christmas for $165 (?).



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