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TRU has Rayman Rabbids Wii for $14.98 @ ToysRUs.com


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this has been going on and off toys r us for a few days...my friend ordered it 12/27. I decided I wanted it and could not find it on the website until last night. silly me did not buy it but left it in my cart. when i got home tonight to buy it, it was gone from my cart and does not show up on the website anymore.


so my advice would be to keep checking and when it is there buy it.

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I am talking about the Rayman rabbids for the wii. It is showing 49.99 for me...i just checked it. sorry....not sure why.


ok....i was mistaken......i ordered the rayman rabbids 2 for the wii at 14.99.......and it is rayman rabbids that is showing 49.99. SOrry about that. I was the one confused. SOrry!



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There are 2 DIFFERENT Raymans at TRU.


One is Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2 for Nintendo Wii - $14.99

The other one is Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party - $49.99 (use with Wii Fit)


The first one keeps disappearing and reappearing. Also it goes in and out of stock periodically. Very weird.

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