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Micheal's Christmas Clearance


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Today I got a 24inch wreath and 9 foot lighted garland set for $2.99 :shock:


Also, got thank-you cards for 50 cents, ribbon was 75% off, all of their pre-made wreaths and centerpieces were 75% off. Got some misc. decorations for 75-80%off.

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They also had the Christmas trees in the pots marked down to $26.00. Not sure what the regular price was I just saw them moving them to the front of the store. Seems like someone on Gottadeal was looking for those, but darn if I can remember who.
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Does Michael's go 90% off? or am I imagining it???


I just can not remember...


I was there yesterday, and you would think by how much is left, that no one ever bought anything before Christmas.


The prices though were all over the map. Food items 50%, hand made floral (wreaths etc) 60%, asst "stuff" 70% (like craft stuff) and ornaments 80% off.


So I can wait...Especially since I have already totally loaded up from Target and Home Depot's 75%...But I really do like some of the craft kits at Michaels and the hand made wreaths at Michaels.




Scottsdale, AZ

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