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Powerline Netwoking Kit

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I need a good deal as soon as possible on this item. Looking for best performance, but still I want to not overspend. I'm willing to invest, but just not too much.


Basic specs I’m looking for are somewhere around:

• 200 MB/S

• decent power circuit range

• 2 or more switch intact with adjacent (to the router) adapter


(Needs to be able to have a good distance through a household)



Essentially my situation calls for this power line networking kit to be

• attached to the router

• transferred through power lines

• connected to switch on adjacent outlet

• able to handle network traffic of a PC and a Xbox 360(via the switch)


If there is a bottom dollar deal that some one can find, don't let my specifications discourage you from posting it. I'm looking for quality performance, but I'm willing to test out a budget deal considering that mine is a bit spanned at the moment.


However I plan to use this for a considerable time with like amount of usage, so if said budget deal cannot handle such it's not worth the small investment. As much as I want a good deal, I need it to work my way, and such abilities will cost more yes, but will be worth it to myself, and the friends that use my 360 when they're over at my apartment.


Much appreciation and thanks,



Here's an image to get sort of a feel as to what I'm looking for.

P.S. If there's a decent deal on a kit with the switch already intact with the specs I need please let me know. Thx


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Hi. I have a set of Powerlines from Netgear. They were from doing a "test" with them. We absolutely love them. We are big online gamers, and have never had a problem! I can't recall the item number but mine are light grey in color. I'd suggest possibly ebay or maybe even amazon or newegg for a buying option. We have a wireless router form our cable Co. and we hooked the powerlines up in the familyroom to run our Xbox 360 without cords, and then after we bought another 360 for the other end of the house we were also looking into getting another set of powerlines, but opted for a cheap xbox wireless router instead. I did some research and some people use 2 powerlines with no issues. So hope this helps!
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