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Looking for 19" LCD for gaming and such

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I came accross the 19" Samsung 915N deal last week (while I was at work) and was unable to get in on the deal before they sold out. Except for DVI this would have been perfect for me.


I would greatly appreciate it if someone could/would refer me to a similar deal (if possible). I continue to search every day to no avail.



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Rossman, I have no budget. I would have jumped on the Samsung if it had not sold out. I have heard that the best places to get LCDs are Dell and local retailers like Costco and Sam's (because of their return policies. The not-so-good are the internet stores like Newegg because of their "8 pixels or more" return policy. What do you think?
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CostCo without a doubt has the best return policy, on computer products it's up to 6 months.


If you can wait a few weeks CostCo will have a Princeton 19" LCD with analog/DVI for $279 after coupon. It's on sale June 27 - July 3, 2005.

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Is this the Princeton monitor you are referring to:


"Buy.com has the Princeton LCD1910 19" Flat Panel Display on sale for $258.97 after $70 mail-in rebate. Free shipping is also included. New Buy.com customers can save $15 more with the coupon link below.


The Princeton LCD1910 is a slim 19" TFT LCD monitor offering a sharp picture. A 19" LCD panel is about equivalent to a 21" CRT, in terms of viewable image size and recommended resolutions. 16ms Fast Video Response Time: Optimal for the playback of multimedia movie clips, spreadsheet, word processing, and playing games. This analog LCD delivers quality images, ideal for your corporate and home offices, with a 500:1 contrast ratio, a pixel pitch of 0.294mm, a 1280x1024@75MHz maximum resolution and a horizontal/vertical viewing angle of 170 degrees/170 degrees."




What about the response times (16 ms) for gaming?

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The CostCo coupon doesn't mention a model number and it shows SKU 899899, which isn't valid on CostCo.com yet.


If you don't mind a mail in rebate you can get a Princeton 19" for $279.


There are two possible downsides to buying this LCD:

1) Warranty is only 1 year when comparable models (Dell and Samsung) are 3 years.

2) If you can wait another 2-3 months Dell might have the popular Dell UltraSharp 1905FP on sale again for around $251. It does have a slower response time but it might sell for around $251 with 3 year warranty and free shipping.


If you haven't already I would recommend signing up for our Daily Deal Update and you'll be e-mailed about future Dell deals.

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