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Ok I'm vening a little...


I got my boy 2 used games from them this year... The first one, thier box was shattered and the black pieces got into the little folder and scratched the game all up...


I wrote them and they sent me their return policy. However it states anything damaged will not be returned.. Well how in the heck am I supposed to return it when it came to me broken. :no: So they say they will refund me.


Ok so..Now the second game.. My kid walks in and tells me his other game, the Sims, will only show it loading and then goes back to the play station 2 screen.... He also told me a game he got ( from gamestop ) at his dads house was also broken... I thought these games were supposed to be tested?


I looked up their phone number 800-882-8895 and the first 2 times it's busy, the next time it hangs up on me, and the 4th time it takes me through a bunch of options only to tell me they are to busy to talk.


Frustrating.... :yuck:

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.....ouch? but did u buy online or from the store?

online and both store has different return policies

and when did you buy these games? and if the box came shattered why didnt you notice right away and ask for a new case or simply one of the slip on cardboard ones?

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