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Spike the Dinosaur


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  • 11 months later...

My son will be 3 in about 3 weeks, and I wondered if anyone knew of any deals on Spike the DInosaur. I would love to get it for my son, but not for 129.


Thanks for your help.

Yea, I'm trying to find him too for under $100 (would be nice) for my 3 year old for next Christmas. I was hoping he would come down quite a bit after Christmas because of the leftover stock. So far no luck it looks like. I know Toysrus had him for $89 a few days ago? I should have picked it up then. :-/

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We saw him yesterday at WM for $59....I decided against it. I would rather put that money toward a power wheels than on something that will sit in the corner in less than a month.


Side note.........I still think he is very cute, and I was very tempted.

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I have a local Mattel outlet near me, and they always have coupons when you enter the store for 30%-50% off one item and they carry Spike the Dinosaur. You might check to see if you have an outlet near you, because you could get an incredible deal. Sometimes they have an addtl 25% off Tuesdays from 10-12, and it is on top of the coupons/deals they are having.
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