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Cute picture idea.


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Capture The Magic: http://www.capturethemagic.com/


Create "Proof" of Santa's Visit.











I just did this for 2 pictures. I had one picture of my living room and one of the house outside. You can pick from a variety of Santa's. Once they are done and downloaded (You must save them and not just open the file) on the computer (you don't get an actual print) I sent them to Walgreens.com and had them printed .41 for 2 pics w/tax .


The first picture is $9.95 additional pics are .99.


Don't forget to turn the date/time stamp off if you have one on your camera. I closed all the blinds in the living room so it's dark and turned all the Christmas lights on. We had a picture of the house outside (my husband took one a few weeks ago because he does a lot of lights) and I added Santa to the roof.

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