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ToysRUs - Disney Princess 20 Piece Playroom - $49.99 + $20 shipping (orig. $154.99)


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Esp. a good deal for those who have free shipping ($15) credit from RewardsRUs.


This is from the Countdown-To-Christmas-Deals-A-Day coupons thing. Even though it says coupons can only be used in-store looks like this deal is available on-line as well. The "Cars" 20-piece set is OOS but Princess still available. (BTW I was down at the store this morning around 11 and they didn't have any left)


Got it for $33.26 charged to my card. I'm so happy. Used $15 shipping credit from signing up for RewardsRUs program a while back. I think it was actually supposed to be expired (I signed up a day before BF) but it worked!! Also my hubby co-worker just gave him $25 Toys R Us gift card today for all the help and whatever (he's new) so worked out perfectly!!





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thanks for posting! I got the princess set!

923823 will give you 15% discount also :)

No minimum?? I wish I'd known earlier. I went all over net looking for code but couldn't find any, which is usually the case with ToysRUs. How did you get that code?

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Just a thought but Kohl's has some princess items on sale which would be great with 30% + free shipping coupons for card holders. I'm so tempted to buy some of these:


This will be $6.99:









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OOS Now.


**I just called ToysRUs because I was trying to have them credit my card for that 15% off coupon code and they told me it's not a valid code for them but rather for BabiesRUs. I was wondering about that too because it says 15% off one baby item. Well I am trying to put it in now and it's no longer working. Sorry I ever called..grr..:(

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This is back in stock and I was able to order it!! Thanks OP!!

I was able to use both coupons. The free shipping one from signing up for the rewards program(which was expired) and the %15 off!!!

So after looong conversation with ToysRUs I think I got them to credit me with 15% off my order for that coupon code. They told me I should see a lower price when my order ships so I guess I'll just have to wait until then.

I did realize though that other manager that I talked to yesterday didn't know what she was talking about when she told me that coupon was ineligable as it was for BabiesRUs. Actually it is for one Babies item and this qualifies as that. Also both she and this guy kept telling me I can only use one code on my order, which is also not true. Grrrr... Why did I need to waste my time explaining to ToysRUs employees the way THEIR business is supposed to work. I mean come on ToysRUs. I already avoid it on BF and during sales promotions since I know they never stock up enough merchandise. I think from now one I will avoid it all together since I am not a very happy customer right now even though I did "supposedly" got them to credit my account.

Thank you for listening to me venting :tongue1:

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So I just looked at Deals-A-Day promotion and looks like 20-piece room is on it yet again 3rd day in a row. Looks like they are marking it as OOS and then putting it back as being In Stock so if anyone still wants this deal and sees it as OOS I would check back later. Not sure if this is just the case with "Princess" or maybe I just missed today's window and the "Cars" one was listed as In Stock too.
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is there a link to the coupon or how do you get it?


They have a promotion running. It is on their website on main page. It says Countdown to Christmas. Deals of the Day. There's a get today's coupons section. They post 3 pages of coupons everyday. On them it says these can only be used in-store but I have seen some items go down in price on their website so you can pick it up there without using the coupon. This princess set has been in this promtional coupons last three days in a row.

New coupons are posted every day either 12a.m. or 1a.m. eastern time.



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