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More Order & Shipping Issues


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Based on my personal experience I would be very wary of buying through Bestbuy.com.


Listed below is a copy of the letter I have sent to Best Buy regarding my online buying experience. I also submitted online via the customer care section. So far, I have received an automated response saying that I should receive a response in 48-72 hours.





I would like to lodge multiple complaints.


1. My order has been shipped to the wrong address. Despite the fact that I correctly entered the billing and shipping address as well as updated my address, my order was shipped to an address that I have not used for over 3 years.


2. When I called customer care this morning at 0800 ET to try to get this resolved, I was told that nothing could be done. My only recourse was to contact the individual shippers directly and try to intercept the packages. The order was large and was shipped in 4 different shipments via 4 different carriers.


3. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told I could not. Despite multiple requests I was told that a supervisor would call me back "hopefully" within 24 hours. As the rep had not taken a number from me, I asked what number they would be calling. The number he gave me was over 8 years old from another state.


3 1/2. The customer rep hung up on me. When I called back to try to lodge a complaint at that time, I was transferred to a number that said to call back during normal business hours (8a-5p), but it was 900am at time. I tried calling back again, and was transferred to another department, where I was disconnected before the transfer completed.


4. I have shopped best buy.com and updated my address/shipping/billing information. I have no idea why your system can bill me correctly, charge my credit card correctly, yet jumble up the shipping address and telephone number so horridly.


5. I have been trying to contact each of the shippers, since Best Buy is refusing to take any responsibility for their shipping error or attempt any help in re-directing the packages.


6. I was able to contact Mail Express. They know where the package is and are attempting to contact Best Buy for approval to ship to the correct address. Mail Express says that it should not be a problem since the correct address is also my billing address. Unfortunately, I hold no hope of anything going smoothly with Best Buy being involved.


7. I contacted UPS. They are handling 2 of the packages, one through regular UPS ground. The other through UPS mail. At 0930 neither package had shown up in the scan system yet. At 1230 the package through UPS ground did finally show up in the scan system. I called UPS back. They say that the package was picked up at Best Buy at 10:00 am this morning.

a. That is amazing, since the Best Buy rep told me at 0800 that nothing could be done since the package was already in shipment.

b. UPS also said they could not reroute the shipment on my request. Best Buy would have to request the shipment to be re-routed. Again, amazing, since Best Buy has refused to help in any way.


8. The UPS mail package has not shown up in scan yet. Maybe it will, maybe it won't.


9. The final package was sent through the USPS. I have a receipt number, but USPS says that package is not able to be tracked as it is only a reciept number not a tracking number. There is no hope for intercepting this package.


I have experienced the worst display of organization with the online ordering experience. I have also experienced the worst handling of customer service that I could imagine. The carriers have been much more willing to try to help in any way possible than Best Buy who refuses to offer any assistance or allow me to talk to anyone who might be able to help me.


The customer service rep was Todd Hammond, ID #A43517. The supervisor that refused to talk to me was Chris Beck.


I have spent over 5 hours trying to fix Best Buy's error, and I'm not done yet. Some of your error will not be able to be fixed.


At the very least, I would like a formal apology from Best Buy and I would like the order that I placed to be shipped to my correct address or be refunded.



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