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Dillards 30% off all Handbags includes Coach!!


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I don't mean to thread jack, but I was there last night and they were putting up signs all over the place for an extra 30-40% off. I know that they have a TON of shoes for 40% off. I got a pair of Jessica Simpson black boots for less than $50.00 last night and a kenneth Cole watch for 55 bucks as the watches were also 30% off. :D
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If you go to the store it includes Coach. I just bought a Coach Handbag for my mom this morning and it was the 30% off. They even have some Coach handbags marked down and it still another 30% off. There was I looked at but did not get marked down to 201.00 from $268. The sales lady said there was another 30% off so it was going to be $140. WOW some great sales if you know where to look.
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