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Help Please really silly! White Castle Coupon can be expired

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Hey Everyone! What I need is a scan of a coupon for either for the restaurant (Preferred) or for the sandwiches you purchase in the store. It can even be expired! hehehe Why would you want an expired coupon you ask? My brother and I are making our own version of Deal or No Deal for our parents for Christmas. We have purchased 11 different gift cards valued from 1.00 up to 100.00... Anyway, my mother ABSOLUTELY HATES!!! and I mean HATES! White Castle. So I need to find a coupon for a free sandwich or 50 cents off or whatever for the .01 booby prize. It will be so Awesome! Now I just need to figure out a way to get the White Castle into the the briefcase that they choose cause I know they will go for broke to win the 100.00 prize. Can't wait to see her face when they wins the White Castle coupon! :D I know pure evil! But its so much fun and they will love it! Oh and yeah they will get to keep all the gift certificates after the play the game. Anyway PM me if you have one and I will send you my email address. I am counting on you guys to pull thru for me! I know someone out there has one sitting in the back of drawer!!!! Thanks!
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I saw that one and I have it on my computer just in case. I was really looking for something on the hamburger... cause that is what she hates the most. heheheh Guess I should have stated that in the post. But thank you for your reply!!! I appreciate all the help! :)
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