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Gift wrapping from Walmart


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I wish to tell you what has happened to me when I've ordered a gift to my wife via Walmart online store.

I've chosen a bracelet for $ 309 and added a gift wrapping. The Company is reliable and well-known that is why I've been surprised to get my order without the gift wrapping.

They missed that and sent me the package as it was, no gift wrapping.

I called the store support and assistant told me that such situation is absolutely impossible because the gift wrapping service for the item I've ordered is simply unavailable, remember that they still charged me for the gift wrapping.

Was it just a kind of error or scam? What is more, just not long ago they sent me the gift, wrapped, but of such poor-quality and right now it seems to me that the Gift Wrappers at Wal-mart are in a great rush to wrap as many orders as they could but.

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