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Best digital camera under $100


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We have an olympus fe-370. We really like it but, the real test will be Christmas. It was 110 at costco but, it came with case and memory card. We had a Kodak top of the line and we hated it. By the time we realized it was no good we could not return it (also the high restocking fee) I highly recommend what ever camera you get to purchase it somewhere it is easy to return. We picked Costco because the policy is 90 days for a return(of course I will return it sooner if it does not work out) It says so right on the camera box. We have been searching for awhile and everywhere we go the cameras in the store are not charged so you cannot get an idea of how fast the camera takes pictures until you make the purchase. Make sure you get the camera you want not just based on price because you will be very unhappy if it takes forever to start up and if takes along time in between pictures
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FUJIFILM Z100fd Silver 8.0 MP Digital Camera 5X optical zoom.


Use code EMCBCAFBE to get it for $109.99 with free shipping(till 12/11) at Newegg:


That's $5 less than they offered it on during the week of Black Friday.


Review starts here (sample pics too): http://www.steves-digicams.com/2008_reviews/fuji_z100fd.html

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