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Target $5.00 coupon for seniors


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Just got back from Target and they are giving $5.00 off $25.00 purchase coupons to Seniors as an appreciation. They also have Starbucks coffee and muffins. At our store one of the grade school classes were singing Christmas Carols. Kinda put me in a holiday mood. It was very nice and wanted to make sure you GottaDealers got a chance to get your goodies. Edited by niccci
EDITED: some stores are giving them to everyone!!!!!
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LOL, I was wondering the same thing - most of the time I don't want to be included in that category:no:, but when it comes to saving money I hope they start at 50!;)

well I dont know.. tehehehe!!! But it seems at most stores they are giving them to everyone. It does say something about Seniors appreciation... but maybe they are handing them out to everyone so they wont offend anyone. Its worth a try anyways
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