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Best External hard drive deal?

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I am also looking at the Seagate 500BG at Wal-Mart. I have had two WD drives (portable and desktop) fail so I was thinking about the Seagate with the 5 yr. warranty. Both the Seagate 500BG (WM) and the WD 640GB (Staples) are priced at $69.99. The Staples deal is a better price but the Seagate may be a more reliable drive. Does anyone have any thoughts on the comparison between these two drives in terms of reliability/value?
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on mine too, although i know very little of them .

if i am correct, the portable externals work the same way but are lighter?

2.5" ("portable") drives are based on notebook hard drives -- they do not have a power cord. They draw power through the USB port. There is a definite premium in the picing vs. the larger 3.5" drives.

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