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Does it seem weird?


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Thanks whoever deleted my other post (including the "wrong" color ad scan it was the one from 2007...lol) - seriously (not saying this in a smart way).


But I wondered why it looked the same so I started comparing the 2 ads and a good portion of the ads are the same. They are redoing most of the exact same deals from last year. Doesn't that seem silly? I guess I just think each BF should be different from the last. If I didn't want it last year or if I did buy it last year then I'm not going to need it again this year.


I went back and compared 2006 to 2007 and there were only like 3 things that were the same deal between the two. Wonder why they are doing so much of the same or almost the same stuff (like 2007 was a Barbie Styling Head, and this year is a Barbie Styling Head just a different name for example).

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