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How do you compare the ad prices and review items

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I have been trying to figure out the best prices on the little things like sd cards and flash drives. Is there a simple way for me to see just those items listed together or do I just need to hope I don't miss something.


I think I have done reviews on every digital frame listed that is in my price range. But it took a while. What is your fastest method??


Any suggestions?


Mods I did a search but there are so many threads now that I did not see this one, if its here just direct me thanks!!:yup:

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You didn't have any luck with the built-in search function on the Black Friday section?




I am assuming that you know that you need only to put what you are searching for into the search box and it will show you all of the items -- across all stores -- that fit your search. For instance:




And if you use that "Sort Items" drop down, you can even sort them by price.


If you didn't know about that search box, well, there you go...


(Note: OD is not included in that search, nor is their ad displayed... because their lawyers are not a fun-loving bunch).

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my system is more time consuming but works for me...I do use the search function like Marcster pointed out but about 2-3 weeks ago I made an excell of everything DD wants I then find a base price (usually use WM.com) then as sales come out I have a column for best sale price and a column for what store/day it is best price.


this year using same system I did it for all wii and DS games we would be interested in


I then will also make a list of everything we want across ALL ads marking them PM-able or not


I know this seems like a ton of work BUT i am used to it now and it goes fairly quickly anymore. I love having a sortable database of everything I want and once ads come out I mark pg # and print off. So when I go through line I know what flier page # at one glance to price match


so after that long ramble to answer your question by the time I do this I basically "KNOW" who has what for comparison LOL

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