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I need votes to win $100,000.00 for my local food bank


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This is for a friend of mine!!!!


Please Please Vote!!!! You can vote 3 time with each email addy!!!!


She am one of 35 finalists in a contest from chicken of the Sea. If my video gets the most votes, my local food bank will get a truckload of tuna (worth $100,000.00) This would make a huge difference to a lot of people this winter. Donations are down and the needs are up. Please click on the link and vote for my video and feel free to send the link to anyone you think may help too! You can vote 3 times a day until 12/9 THANK YOU!!!!




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voted 3 times today. Had some trouble at first, it said that I had entered the security code wrong. But I did enter it correct. Went to voting faq's and it said to refresh page if that happens. Refreshed the page and it worked great. Just wanted to note, in case anyone had same problem:)
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