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Sam's Club 32" JVC HDTV/DVD Combo


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Greetings Everyone!


First, thanks GottaDeal for the continued Black Friday Information! :yup:


Second, I don't know what everyone else's opinion is, but I'm quite disappointed with the Black Friday ads this year - I think the general consensus was that due to the economy, the ads would be better than last to try and draw more people in - but it appears that didn't happen at all.


Third, there is one deal I'm quite interested in and it is the JVC 32" HDTV/DVD Combo that Sam's Club has for $598. Does anyone know the specs on it or where I can find them? I've looked for awhile on the net and have had no luck. I'm a little skeptical of a combo unit, but for the price and the fact that I'm a huge fan and supporter of JVC, I think I'll take a chance.




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