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2008 Parade Coupons - Dora House, DVD's, etc.


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In my parade magazine today I found coupons for $5 off the Dora Snow Princess Wii Video Game exp. 12/27, $3 on Nickelodeon Dvd's exp 12/14, $10 off the Fisher Price Dora Magical Welcome House exp 6/9/09, and $5 off the Spongebob Globs of Doom Video Game (no platform specified) exp 12/17.



When I saw someone had brought up last years thread I thought - just for the heck of it to look through my Parade insert and there they were. I am excited because all of those things except for the welcome house were on my list to purchase. If anyone wants the $10 coupon let me know by PM.

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Does anyone still have a coupon for the Dora House from the Parade Magazine? I would LOVE to have one if there are any still out there. This is like the thing my littlest wants the most this year and I just came upon this thread today. I would send a private message, but I just signed up so I guess I have a minimum number of posts to do first.



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