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DS2 wants one this year. I think above poster is correct, they came out with a newer version. They are probably discontinuing the older version. As far as I can tell the games will work on all versions (like with the DS, DS lite, DS eye, etc.).


Now if I could find a good deal someplace...

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My brother in law told me that they are going to be discontinuing the PSP does anyone know if that is true before I go and buy one.

From Gamepro.com:

As a follow-up to last week's story, Target has officially confirmed to GamePro that is has "discontinued" its UMD movie selection.



The UMD: R.I.P. at Target

A member of Target's "Guest Relations" team has confirmed to GamePro that the retail giant no longer carries UMD movies for the PSP.


"[uMD movies] have been discontinued and aren't available at any of our stores," the e-mail reads. This comes as final proof that the company has discontinued its UMD movie selection in its brick and mortar stores, though the company still lists a sizable selection on its web site. It's unknown if the company will stop selling UMD movies online, as well.


In a story last week, GamePro reported that a customer service representative indicated that UMDs were no longer for sale at Targets nationwide. This latest e-mail officially confirms the news.


As the seasons pass and new models... become available, we'll discontinue some older merchandise. That's how we keep our shelves stocked with the unique, up-to-date merchandise you've come to expect from Target."


-- customer service e-mail from Target

Sony's portable UMD movie format has struggled for acceptance since the PSP's release in early 2005. A recent Reuters story suggested that Wal-mart also considered pulling all UMDs from store shelves. In the Reuters piece, one unnamed movie executive says that UMD situation is "awful," and that "[uMD movie] sales are near zilch." The studio exec then twists the knife, saying "It's another Sony bomb -- like Blu-ray."


Two months ago, the NPD Group, a national sales-tracking service, weighed in with a grim assessment of the UMD's future. The report concluded that, if studios continue to drop support, "the outlook for the UMD format is bleak."


They've also discontinued the Extended battery life pack:

According to SCEA's Al de Leon, the extended battery life kit for PSP is discontinued. The product nearly doubled the battery life on PSP-2000 systems, but came at a slight aesthetic price: a larger battery cover would be installed, creating a bulge in the system. However, with battery life as impressive as 12 hours or more, we were absolutely satisfied with the peripheral.


"Yes, we are discontinuing this product as we look for other opportunities to service the consumer," notes de Leon. Hopefully, we'll see something else that can augment the PSP's battery life.

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:eek:So after reading this should I buy the PSP or DS for my 11 year old boy... He's not real concerned with the movie part of it..... HELP

It would depend on what types of games he likes to play. The DS has a lot of games. The PSP tends to have games with higher quality graphics. Of course there will be games that play on both. The PSP has greater abilities than the CURRENT DS. I bold that because there is a new version called the DSi coming early next year that will have some more capabilities and improvements.


I own a PSP and my 3 kids each have a DS. My son likes to play both but my PSP has the "cooler" games. As with most Nintendo vs Sony matchups, the Nintendo brand is usually more kid/family friendly and focuses on number of games while Sony is more for gamers and has better quality graphics.


Hope this helps.

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