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South Bend Tribune (IN) Wants to Hear from Black Friday Shoppers!


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South Bend Tribune wants to hear from Black Friday shoppers about BF shopping tips. All you need to do is go to the link below and leave your tips at the bottom of the article. Dont forget to tell them you spend all of your pre Black Friday here on Gottadeal.com!




Your Black Friday plan of attack

Published: November 13, 2008




It helps to have one to make the most of your Black Friday shopping experience, whether you're planning to stand in line for hours to purchase several items at just one store or hop from store to store to store to store throughout the day.


Have you started making plans for Black Friday? Where do you start?


How do you figure out where you're going and when? How do you estimate line lengths both outside the store and at the cash register? Do you shop alone or bring a group of friends? Tell us about your plans for this Black Friday.

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I live just 10 miles away. I sent them a e mail as well. I think the more this site is published the more the stores will realize that by putting their ad on here early would help their profit on BF. I know my shopping trip is almost all planned out. I get real busy during Thanksgiving because I have at least 10 people/kids staying with us from other states and I dont have time to plan it last minute. Thank you Big jim for letting us know how we can help get the word out about the site that we have come to depend on. OK so now tell brad to give me a shirt cause man I can kiss A$$ LOL:cheesy:
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