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little people learn about town?


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target has this on sale this wk.. for 34.99. does anyone have this is it worth it? now it says for kids 2 and up .. but the thing is my son circled this that he wants it. i dont know much about it .. but to me it is babyish as my ds is 5. so my two questions are this


will i find this cheepier?

is this to babyish for ds5?


if i posted this in the wrong place please . remove it . was not sure where to post it .. thank you .

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In my experience (I have 4 boys 22, 16, 8, 6) kids circle things because they look cool in the ads. Little People are sturdy and will last, however, my problem with Little People (I own a lot in boxes in the garage because they are in perfect condition so I don't want to get rid of them - Why?? I don't know!!!) is by the time your child understands manipulative play, they are kinda on the way out of Little People. He probably circled that because he now knows it exists because he saw it in the ad. But he may be happier with something that he can play with the same, but will last longer, because it isn't so young looking. My boys 8 and 6 do not play with Little People and haven't for quite awhile. I would say Little People are more for ages 2-4. My boys like playing with Pirates of the Caribbean action figures, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and stuff like that. They love sports stuff. But my advice would also change if you have little ones at home and you don't want a lot of little pieces around a baby. And also, the baby can get the little people next. I just wish I had all the money from all the Little People I've bought that still look like they just came out of the package. Hope this helps.
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my ds17 would never .. ds9 would never. but ds9 will play puppets with him they will do a show on the foot of the steps they hang a blanket for me and everything . i just could not justify getting it . there was not mush he circled . but im more into mind things and edicational. stuff. dont get me wrong they have everything they could want . i just did not know what this was about or if cheepier . i think im gonna pass on it. thanks for your imput on it. i was debating all wk on this and im going to target tomorrow. thanks guys
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