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Bean Booties (like Robeez) for $8.95 w/ free shipping at llbean.com


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I selected these for the thread title because my kids had the cheaper versions of Robeez, but I still LOVED them! Based on the reviews, I am sure that LLBean's version is high quality. However, there are plenty of other great items on clearance right now to use with the free shipping, and I'll post a few below. Also, if you spend $50, you get a $10 gift card back in the mail...


free shipping code: 3004365 (enter under "promotions" tab at checkout)





Bean Booties

was $19.50

now $8.95

in 5 styles and 3 size ranges




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sorry! I JUST ordered the moose ones before I posted this and I got 0-6, but I am sure they had the next size up at that time!

Okay....very weird.....just went back and now they have them???? I know I'm not going crazy. I swear there was only the option for the smaller size, the bigger sizes were in a light grey and "unavailable".


Now they have them...I'm getting the Moose!

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No, you are not crazy - that size in moose is showing OOS for me now too, but was in stock earlier. weird! I hope you get them! If for some reason you don't, or they cancel, try giving their customer service a call. In my experience they are very nice, professional people and will do whatever they can to help you...
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thank you op! my little guy was the only one at daycare that didn't have a pair of these. he's only 4 months old' date=' but i want him to be cool like the other babies! :cool:[/quote']


cute! I originally thought they were just a "cool" thing too, and didn't buy them for my first. But then I caved and got them for my second and third and now I see why parents love them so much - they are comfy and stay on so well compared to infant socks and other types of shoes....

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