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Win Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com T-Shirts - CONTEST OVER!


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Since a lot of you seem to like these "real world" kinds of contests, we'll do some more. A few of these ideas came from the last contest thread, so thanks to everyone who helped out.


All you have to do is complete one of the tasks listed below and come back to post picture(s) proving that you have completed the task. No photoshopping is allowed.


Important: only the first "unique" member to complete each task will win a shirt. There are 4 tasks which means 4 shirts will be given away. Limit one shirt per member, but if you want to do more than one task to increase your chances, feel free. If you complete more than one task before anyone else, the first one listed numerically will count.


For example, if a member completes tasks #2 and #3 and posts pictures before anyone else, they will win for task #2, but task #3 will still be "open" to the next member who completes it.


COMPLETED! Task #1: Design an actual holiday ornament featuring GottaDeal.com somehow. Take it to a store that has Christmas trees on display. Hang the ornament on the tree and take picture(s). Be sure at least one of the pictures proves that the tree is located at an actual store. Leave the ornament on the tree.


COMPLETED! Task #2: Make a sign saying "I LOVE GOTTADEAL.COM". Go to one of these stores: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Sears or Kmart. Find an employee to agree to hold the sign while you take their picture. Make sure the employee "looks" like a real employee (store shirt, etc...).


COMPLETED! Task #3: Create a flyer for Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com - the kind with the little strips of paper on the bottom that people can tear off (like this) - and post it on a bulletin board at a public place. Take a picture of the flyer on the bulletin board.


COMPLETED! Task #4: Print out this GottaDeal logo. Take it to 3 of your local "landmarks" (however you define them) and take a picture of the logo somewhere near/with/on each of the 3 landmarks.


Good luck!

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on #4 what kind of "landmarks"

then can be whatever you define them as - each town has different things. it can be a statue, a building, a local restaurant, a body of water, a park. just things that make your city/town "unique".

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New rule: flyers cannot be placed at bowling-related places :P


Looks like Illinoismom finally won a shirt. The whining can finally stop :P


Task #3 is now complete. Other tasks are still open!

LOL Congrats Illinoismom, and I enjoyed the whining. :cheesy:

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Congrats illinoismom!


I can try and do one of these tasks later. My mom might be coming down to watch the kids while I go to the grocery store. I live in a really small town outside of nashville. There aren't many (if any) landmarks in this town. lol. I could get pics of landmarks if I went to the city but thats not gonna happen today. lol. I could do the ornament one or the i love gottadeal one too but I'm sure all these tasks will be done by the time I could do them!

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