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Small BF ad breakthrough!


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At K-mart the other day, I noticed a very nice set of 4 wireless cordless phones. They were marked 39.99. I was doing the super doubles thing, so didn't get any further details.


While doing my hour-long checkout, I noticed a man in the next lane with a set of those phones. They rang up 59.99. He told the cashier the advertised price, she went to check, and sure enough he was right. About that time the guy from electronics came rushing up and told her not to sell them, they were accidentally put out. He said, "We cannot sell these until 11/28." He had no clue that was BF from the sound of it. The man threw a fit, but they would not budge. By the time I got to the back to check the specs, they were already gone.


So, to sum up all of that:

Some brand of fancy silver phones in a green box

4 wireless ones


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The phone you saw was the:

Vtech 5.8GHz 3-Handset

Cordless Phone System w/ Digital Answering System.

Kmart item #018W795090110001

Mfr. model #CS5121-3 / 80-6229-00

A picture of it is available on kmart's website

I work in the electronics department at a kmart. I saw them on the shelf last week and came in this week and they have been removed. Now I know why they moved them.

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