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Need some Lego deals!


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Meijer has some sets on sale this week. The ad is on-line, but here is what they have:


Save 10.00 on the following (now 19.99 each)

Agents Gold Hunt

Mars Mission ETX Alein Infiltrator

Castle Tower Raid

Bionicle Set (Takanuva)


Save 10.00 on the following (now 29.99 each)

Lego City Helicopter and raft

Bionicle Rockoh T3

City Police and Pontoon Plane

Racer Crosstown Craze


Also if you try www.lego.com, and go to the sale/clearance area. They have some Star Wars sets marked down. If you spend 99.00, you get free shipping.


Also, if you have a Kroger Marketplace, watch the sale ads. They will have 20% off on Legos every so often.


My boys are Lego fanatics, so I am always on the hunt, too!

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