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Wii games buy two get 1 free


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I don't think it's that great because if you have sales tax in your state, each game comes out to $36ish. You can usually do better than that on ebay.

Not everyone is comfortable buying on Ebay anymore. There are still lots of variables when buying on Ebay and I am one of those people who has decided not to buy electronics there anymore. You have to rely on the seller to have an honest and adequate description which oftentimes they don't. You have to hope that you get an honest seller who will ship your item, you don't have a reliable recourse for returning if something is wrong. Also why use Ebay for stuff like that? I like the old Ebay where you could find that "hard to find" stuff from our youth - collectibles, etc. This is Ebay's whole problem - they don't want sellers like that anymore and that is who I like to buy from - not the bootleggers or the millions of sellers who sell the same exact items I can get at the B&M store.


I will pay the tax to avoid those problems.

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I had asked MIL for Mario Kart and 2 remotes for Xmas and was still trying to think of something for her to get DH. Well, we got Mario Kart, Wii Play (comes with extra remote) and Tiger Woods golf. Hubby really wanted the Tiger Woods one but I wouldn't pay $50 for it, but since we were going to buy Mario Kart for $50 and remote for $40, we did this instead for $10 more and got the Tiger Woods game... It depends on what games you want. If you wanted 2 $50 games and a $20 game, it isn't as good of a deal. I had to call around to find what games I wanted all at one store though.


I, too, will not buy electronics from eBay. I sell on eBay, mostly clothes, but it has really lost most of its appeal to me lately... more charges, troublesome transactions, no real recourse, and even if paypal agrees you are owed a refund on something you have to PAY to send it back, even though it was their fault... Too many problems to buy this on there.

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I thought this was a great deal. I bought 6 games! Well I bought 4 and got 2 free!

I bought Mario Kart, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, Mario Super Sluggers, Star Wars, and Madden 09. It was like $33.00 a game. I'll take that. But I also used my Target card and had earned a 10% off day so I got an additional 10% off so I paid like $30.00. I'll take that! :yup:

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