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DVD recorder with vcr?

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We bought a nice combo LG one from Best Buy 2 years ago. At the 13 year mark, the DVD recorder stopped recording. We didn't buy the extended warrenty because we figured it was technology and tech. ALWAYS comes down in price, right? wrong, they are still the same price as when we bought it. Apparently this flaw wasn't uncommon in the LG ones. <sigh>


How do you get the dubbing from a DVD recorder to sync with a VCR exactly? I'm all for just buying a DVD recorder separate and move the tapes over via the VCR, but not sure how to not leave a time gap.


Walmart has a nice looking Sony upconverting 1080p DVD recorder in their ad for under $100




We have Sony outlet stores near us, too, and they tend to have cheap combo units.

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