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Guitar Hero World Tour vs Rock Band 2


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we have the first Rock Band for wii and we just got the new Guitar Hero and I pick guitar hero hands down.


With Rock Band for wii you can not download additional songs like you can with Guitar Hero World Tour nor can you choose your player when you create your band. example( with rock band you only get to play with the character they choose but with Guitar Hero you get to choose your character as well as you earn cash to "buy" additional things for your characters not sure how old your GS is but my kids like that part of it. Also with Guitar Hero the beginner is great for younger kids because it is only one note so you are able to built up your coordination where with rock band the easiest starts you out where you already have to have good coordination which is frustrating for my children


I do like the actual pedal better with the Guitar hero for the drums as it is sturdier and not likely to break like our rock band one did but the only thing is it is not attached like the rock band one can be so it moves around a lot but Ill take it moving around any day to it breaking because the plastic is so flimsy and this goes with the actual drum set as well it seems to be more sturdier than rock band



and for the guitar I actually like it better with Guitar Hero as well it seems to recognize my strums more as opposed to Rock Band never recognizing a lot of my strums


not sure if this helps but this is my experience

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We have the first Rockband. I'm not sure about the Guitar Hero World Tour because we don't have that. We have Guitar Hero. My kids ALL love Rockband. I have all boys 22, 16, 8 and 6. They will all play together because it works great for all levels. My two oldest are very musically inclined. They both play a lot of instruments and they do not get bored playing with their little brothers. My 22 year old was playing with the Rockband 2 at the store (which is what you want to compare Guitar Hero World Tour with as they are the two that are more similar and more comparably priced. Being that you can get Rockband for like 99.00 now) and he says we NEED to get Rockband 2. And originally he wanted Guitar Hero World Tour. You didn't say how old your GS was, but with these things so much is personal preference. This was our personal preference. But we also decided to get Rockband for the PS2 and not the Wii because we didn't see any difference other than the color. PS2 is black, WII is white. And others say you have to get it for the Wii. Hope this helps. After typing it I thought this may be even more confusing. :cheesy:
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here's my problem....got the Rockband for PS2 last year for ds10, this year ds13 wants GH World Tour...and dh10 wants RB 2 this year...


I do NOT have room for 2 sets of drums, extra guitars, etc


ugh...what to do....

I am having the same issue with mine. My oldest son (22) says we don't really need the equipment for Rockband 2. Even though the drums are supposedly upgraded and wireless and the guitars are wireless. The game is supposed to work with the old equipment. So we might get the track pack Vol 2 (we already have vol 1) and Rockband 2 disk. and use the equipment we already have. And skip the Guitar Hero World Tour. But that is only because I'm not willing to have 3 of these systems. But we do enjoy playing together as a family.


Will Guitar Hero World Tour game work with Rockband equpiment??? Hmmmm :confused: I don't know.

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We bought DS13 GH:WT for the Wii. I initially bought him Rock Band this year for his birthday (3 months after the fact because we were house hunting/moving for his b-day) We ended up taking it back before opening it because he found out that GH:WT would have the ability to play against his friends via Wi-Fi. He really did do a lot of research into it comparing song lists and different capabilities (vs RB2) and this is what he chose. My 13 year old tends to stick with the guitar since he had a couple of the GH's for the PS2 prior to this. My 11 year old loves playing the drums on it. The 7 year old is not so much interested in it (yet) and the 2 year old jams along with his older brothers on his Wiggles guitar! :D


That said, I think it's just personal preference. How old is your gs? Has he played RB with/at a friends house? Has he played GH or RB instore to compare them?

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I'm surprised at your reviews. Rock Band gets played almost every weekend between both my kids & their umpteen friends vs GH which although has 2 Guitars, has been sitting in my sons room getting way less play time. Both kids & their friends are btwn 11 & 17 yr olds.


& yes you can download additional songs for Rock Band.

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It all depends on what your grandson's tastes are, as far as gaming. If he just wants a good experience to appreciate music, wants something to play with his friends and get the occasional downloads, go for Rockband, but I suggest you get it for the X-Box 360 version if he has it, only because there seems to be more download content available now for that system, with the promise of stuff coming for PS3, PS2 and Wii later in the new year.


If your GS wants the above, along with being able to be more involved with character creation, buying game gear and on-line play, then GHWT would be the game to pick. Can't really give a pick on which system to buy for since it's relatively new and I haven't heard any bad stuff about it yet.


I own RB1 and love the play and hopefully I'll get the RB 2 disc, as well as the track pack @ X-Mas time. And I played the guitar for GHWT and thought the guitar had a better feel to it. The drums looked liked a smaller set I would get for my 2 year old. (I was afraid I'd break them.)


I'm not picking one set list over another since most of the songs will be available via download on most systems by next year. Like I said, it seems that GHWT has more to offer through on-line play, downloads and character creation.


Here's a debate thread I have going in the Technology Forum with opinions.




Hope it helps.




Will Guitar Hero World Tour game work with Rockband equpiment??? Hmmmm I don't know.



Click the above link and see the post by Scott. I LOL'd!

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