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advice on buying laptop

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Does anyone have good recommendations for a laptop? Brand, style etc.

I want to get a nice one for my 8th grader. It will keep him from jumping on my desktop constantly.

I do not want to get him one with "all the bells and whistles" and pay alot. It is unlikely that he will need a bunch of extras. He will be using it for homework, for some music storage and some photos, I want to make sure it has enough memory.


Does anyone have an opinion on this one:

Acer Aspire One AOA110-1955 Notebook PC - Intel Atom Processor N270 1.60GHz, 802.11b/g Wireless, 512MB DDR2, 8GB SSD, 8.9" WSVGA, Integrated Webcam, Linpus Linux Lite (Seashell White)? it is currently $309 including shipping...

What screen size is sufficient, also memory, features do you all suggest?

What is a good price?

Great Price?


I am not computer savvy, with that said, a few years ago I had a beautiful Dell laptop, very big screen, don't even recall the model, but the plug thing went bad just after my warranty expired and they said because it was connected to the motherboard it'd be about $300. to repair, I said no way.


Thanks for your input, I really need help. :D

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that would be a terrible choice. it is suitable to checking email and surfing the web, but underpowered for anything more. the small screen and keyboard would make homework more painful than tradition requires.


you should be able to get a standard laptop for $300 come BF. hang tight and watch these forums for recommendations.


also, consider a desktop. generally, i favor a desktop over a laptop at the same price point when mobility is not an issue.

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Thank you so much len mullen. I guess that Acer think is more of a NETbook thing, but they are calling it a Notebook. Hate it when they make it hard for us computer illiterate people.

Three hundred would be a great price for me. Not much room in my son's room for a desktop unfortunately, that is why I want the laptop...

I will hang tight. :)

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