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Any way to subscribe to the NEWS section?


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There is an RSS feed for all the news items:




And there are many web sites which you can sign up to get e-mailed updates of any RSS feed. Just use the URL above and you'll get e-mailed updates. Here is one such site that will do that:




I haven't used any of these sites, so I can't say how quickly they e-mail you once I post a new news item.


Also, while we mostly will use the new ad alerts for letting you know about new ads posted, if there is any particularly big news, we'll also included that in the e-mails as well.


But the RSS feed is the easiest way to keep updated, and there are literally thousands of things you can do with that - you can set up a screen saver on your computer that shows RSS feeds, have updates sent to a cell phone, etc...

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And if you want to keep track of the daily deals posted on the main, year-round GottaDeal.com site, that site has it's own RSS feed:




I'll post some of the best sales/deals from there on the Black Friday site (as the BF site gets more traffic these days), but there are usually 25-40 deals posted there per day as well that you might want to check out.

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