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My order is listed under (items already shipped) and then when I open it up it says contact bco for order status and says not shipped. If they are gonna cancel why not just say that? The money is out of my account still. I ordered not too long after this thread was posted, btw.
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my order says that it was processing to be shipped. then when I clicked on the order number it says,


Order Details

The order totals shown below don't reflect any credits or adjustments made to your order during and after processing. This includes merchandise that originally appeared available at the time of order and became unavailable upon processing. Your new order total will be reflected on your invoice once the order arrives


then shows ONE item out of 3 that was shipped on 10/23/08


the other 2 items are listed as Not Yet shipped. Does not say they were cancelled or backordered. But I hope they send all of them because the ONE item is not worth the price of the shipping IMO.

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