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Nintendo DS

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I doubt you will find them on sale but you probably will find them is a really good bundle. TRU had a sale a couple weeks ago, you buy a DS and 3 accessories and get 25% off.


Last BF I got a DS bundle for $149 for DH niece and it had the DS, a case, headphones, a game and some other things. It was a good buy.

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I bought mine 2 years ago for my daughters and they never went on sale. So, I have AAA and went to their website and got a coupon for 10% off at circuit city. It was emailed to me. I ordered them online and then picked them up at the store. I think at the time, they had free extra stylus' with a purchase. I wonder if the prices will go down though because of the new ones that are coming out - probably not until after christmas if anything though.....
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