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Telescope for 8 yr old HELP

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I am looking for a Telescope for an 8 yr old. She is very interested in Astronomy and has been since Kindergarten ( read all the school library books on the different planets). Hubby and I have done preliminary research and understand that a really good one for a kid is around $200 :eek:


This is okay with us, since we know she is very, very interested in them.


Anyone have suggestions on where to go to purchase one maybe locally so we can try them out and comparison shop??? I live in the surburbs of Atlanta and would like to get it for Christmas as well as a good book for her.



Thanks for any help

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We purchased our telescope from BJ's. We paid about $179.00 for it I think 4 or 5 years ago. BJ's always has them for the holidays so you may want to check there. The same one we bought I found at another store for about $40 more. Good Luck.

Thank you racerfan...I had not even considered the club warehouses. I am a member of Sams but I have a free trial for a month @ BJ's and will surely take a look :D


What a great suggestion :smart:


Anywhere else???

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I would actually consider getting a less expensive one...see if she REALLY is into it...



I have a 9 year old...she was interested in astronomy as well...still is, but not as much as she used to be...





is a decent one...and 50% off...80 bucks shipped

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