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VeraBradley.com - Seaside Port Tote $25, Wallet $10, etc.


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Hey everyone, I just got in on this great deal and thought I would pass it along. The sale is supposed to be 50% off of retiring items. However, I found a couple seaside items that are much more than 50% off.




Port Tote was $84, now $25

Nautical Wallet was $25 now $10

Hat was $27 now $10

Coastal Cosmetic was $28 now $10


Also I picked up an iPod case for $5 (not the seaside patterns, other regular cotton patterns) http://www.verabradley.com/Site/Store/ProductDetail.aspx?dept=400&sku=808%3a7



Also if you're buying anything in the Riveria Blue pattern use coupon code: RIVIERA25BLUE (thanks BridgeIU!)


There are plenty of other 50% off deals on retiring items - the items I listed are coming up as much more than 50% off though. So search the website :)

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Also...got this message when I added items to my bag online...



"For every $75 you spend, you will receive a special code for one free print-at-home adult admission movie pass to see Disney's “High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” which opens in theaters nationwide October 24. (Up to a $12 value for one adult admission. "

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