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How to win a limited edition Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com t-shirt


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As you probably already know, for the first time ever this year we have limited edition Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com t-shirts to give away. We have a limited number of these shirts to give away, and so to keep things interesting we are not selling them - you can only win them here on the site. As of now we have under 100 shirts remaining. We may order another batch as Black Friday gets closer, but again, they will be very limited.


So how do you win one of these great shirts? There are several ways:


1. Enter one of the contests we have here on the forum. We'll have these fun, easy-to-enter contests throughout the next couple of months and more often than not you'll find one that is currently going on so you can get your chance to win. The contests will be easy to find because they'll have the black "BF" shirt icon next to them in the forum listing.


2. Submit a new Black Friday ad to us before anyone else. Just go here and send us the ad information and be sure to include your e-mail address so we can contact you about your t-shirt. If you provide us with an exclusive look (that means you only send it to us) at a previously unposted ad before anyone else does, we'll be glad to send you a t-shirt.


3. Post online deals here on the forum. We are giving away a Nintendo Wii, GPS system, other gadgets and hundreds of dollars in gift cards - see details and official rules here. But in addition to these great prizes, we are also randomly selecting members who post qualifying deals to win Black Friday t-shirts.


We'll have other ways as well to win shirts, but you'll have to keep checking back for the latest updates. And in case you haven't seen what these shirts look like, here you go:




Good luck to everyone! :cheesy:

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